World On Fire: The –Ism Youth Files

Speaking Our Truths: The –Ism Youth Files Podcast

“I think our generation is much more aware. And even though there are still situations where people are bullying each other or not being empathetic towards each other, but in general, our generation seems to understand more than the previous generations have.” – Adrija Jana quoted in this episode hosted by Cara Chen

Join host Cara Chen recites her winning poem home • sick • ness that she wrote in social isolation leading us to a deep dive into the mental health challenges that our youth writers faced as the pandemic continued. Many youth turned to activism to enact social change on the local level as the world seemed on fire both literally and symbolically. 

Hosted by Cara Chen and featuring:

Deandre Avant
Adrija Jana
Roodley Merilo
Isabella Santana
Jenell Theobald

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