And That Happened: The –Ism Youth Files

Speaking Our Truths: The –Ism Youth Files Podcast

“I remember the day well, when he sent us a picture of him all decked out in his new gowns. Dressed all the way down in multiple layers of armored cloth of polyester. And all I could conjure was, “This can’t be real. Is it?” – excerpt of Journeya’s writing featured in this episode hosted by Deandre Avant

Host Deandre Avant in the first episode weaves his personal story as a young person navigating COVID lockdowns and BLM protests in Boston during the pandemic. He tells us about other youth around the country and India who were also greatly impacted by social isolation, learning online for the first time and contending with their fears for family members and themselves when life had changed so drastically for the world. Hit especially hard were the BIPOC and disability communities.  Hear insightful and honest stories about this world-changing event that affected mental wellness for themselves and their families.

Hosted by Deandre Avant and featuring:

Keona Burch
Katherine Elliot
Trini Feng
KyLynn Hattie Lucio
Kaitlyn O’Neill
Isabella Santana

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