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Adrija Jana

Adrija Jana is a passionately creative writer based in India. She mostly creates poetry pieces based on her personal experiences as well as social issues she is passionate about. Her work mostly revolves around protest against period  poverty, marital rape and advocating for freedom of choice. She is inspired by writers such as Margaret Mitchell and Rupi Kaur, as well as the minutiae of everyday life.

Apart from being a writer, Adrija is also a Spoken Word Artist, Theatrecian, Filmmaker and creative researcher, and all her work is woven together by common themes. She believes that creative pieces that let the innate imperfection shine through truly touch hearts. 

Adrija is not just a creative artist, but also a creative activist, as she channelises her creative interest and energy to raise her voice about issues she’s passionate about, and empowers people around to speak out for themselves.

You can reach out to Adrija or read more about her work on her instagram account.