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The Speaking Our Truths: IYF podcast is a special five-part documentary series of half-hour episodes with interviews from 20 youth artists and writers who submitted work and were chosen to be a part of The -Ism Youth Files project. This podcast series centers mental health and wellness for BIPOC youth and youth with disabilities, led by Executive Producer: Dmae Lo Roberts. The work this youth submitted (which includes essays, poems, graphic novels, and artwork) is now available as an anthology book available in paperback or ebook form on Amazon.  We listen to them describe the trials they have overcome, including a global pandemic, and how various factors have impacted their mental health and wellness and how they have overcome to flourish now.

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Speaking Our Truths: The –Ism Youth Files

It’s amazing to believe that what was going to be the best year ever tuned into the beginning of what was thought to be the end.” Written by twenty youth authors, geared towards youth, this anthology weaves together different perspectives on mental health and wellness. All authors are from the BIPOC and disability communities, which were disproportionately affected by COVID-19, a generation forever changed by an unprecedented pandemic and whose voices have not really been heard, until now.

Read these reviews from Kirkus and Oregon ArtsWatch.

Speaking Our Truths: The –Ism Youth Files ebook will be available for purchase on Amazon. Soft cover books are available for purchase directly from Amazon or email us at Me***********@gm***.com.

Ebook is priced at $8.95 and soft cover $17.95. You can also request a copy from your local bookstore retailer, your school, or local library.

Taking care of our Mental health is important for everyone – and everyone deserves help and support. Whether you or someone you know is struggling in some way, or you just want someone to talk to, this toolkit can offer a little help, support, and connection. You are not alone. We are all in this together. The first step is starting the conversation.

Created in partnership with MediaRites & Oregon Children’s Theatre



Added Challenges: The –Ism Youth Files

Speaking Our Truths: The –Ism Youth Files Podcast Series “I was born with several physical and mental disabilities, including autism. And because of that, I always struggled to fit in and I experienced depression. One of my teachers once said, “every generation has a turning point.” For my generation, it was the covid-19 pandemic.  It […]

World On Fire: The –Ism Youth Files

Speaking Our Truths: The –Ism Youth Files Podcast Series “I think our generation is much more aware. And even though there are still situations where people are bullying each other or not being empathetic towards each other, but in general, our generation seems to understand more than the previous generations have.” – Adrija Jana quoted […]

And That Happened: The –Ism Youth Files

Speaking Our Truths: The –Ism Youth Files Podcast Series “I remember the day well, when he sent us a picture of him all decked out in his new gowns. Dressed all the way down in multiple layers of armored cloth of polyester. And all I could conjure was, “This can’t be real. Is it?” – excerpt […]


The -Ism Project Films

Back in March 2021, we debuted our four films presented with community conversations: Ruega Por Mi written by Yasmin Ruvalcaba Saludado, That Diversity Thing written by Bonnie Ratner and Roberta Hunte, Being Me In The Current America written by Josie Seid, and Ofelio: A Borderline Story by Andrew Siañez-De La O.  1,184 viewsView on Youtube Summer of 2021–we began winning inclusion and accolades from […]

Being Me in the Current America Selected to Screen as The BronzeLens Festival in Atlanta

2021 BronzeLens Film Festival – The Virtual Experience: Connecting the Culture, Creators and Content, will take place on over six days beginning Tuesday, August 17th, and concluding on Sunday, August 22nd. The BronzeLens festival’s shorts category are designated as an Academy Award Qualifying Festival in the Shorts Category! Anyone who attends the festival can vote for “Being […]

OFELIO: A Borderline Story

“Ofelio” tells the story of a former border patrol guard who is now a father of a young baby. As he cares for his child, he is haunted by the faces of children who were detained at the border. Join us for a virtual screening and panel talk with the playwright, actor, and Jhona Monroy […]

Other MediaRites Projects


MediaRites has a history of award winning cross-cultural documentaries including the 8-hour Asian Pacific American history series Crossing East, winner of the Peabody in 2007.


Read about the project we developed, Theatre Diaspora, which presents staged readings to highlight Asian American/Pacific Islander plays and arts.

Community Outreach

Through the years, MediaRites has worked with community organizations and schools to create arts and media opportunities for students, underserved groups in the Portland-metro area.


See videos created for the Crossing East series, winner of Peabody award in 2007, a flash video from the Coming Home project in Kodiak, AK ion 2009  and the Mei Mei film in 2014

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