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MediaRites’ The –Ism Project is a series of films about the intersections of race, gender, orientation and national origin. The 2021 films were adapted from monologues originally commissioned for our live theatre tour. MediaRites worked with Oregon artists to adapt the monologues to address 2020 experiences addressing COVID-19, the Black Lives Matter movement and the separation of children from their families at the border. Each short film is accompanied by a pre-recorded panel discussion with the artists and community professionals to converse about the themes in the films.

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Crossing East Videos

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From the late 1700s through the 1800s, the fur trade on the Pacific Rim brought Hawaiians to the Northwest Coast of North America. Today, their legacy remains through city and landscape names, through the forts and trails they built, and through the memories of their descendants. Fort Vancouver was built in the early 1800s and is one of the only physical reminders of the importance of Hawaii and Hawaiians in the making of the Pacific Northwest. But there are other reminders: the town of Aloha, the Owyhee River.

For more info go to  Credits: Clark Salisbury, Sara Kolbet and Dmae Roberts

Frontier Herbalist Doc Hay and his business partner and friend Lung On ran the Kam Wah Chung store and medical practice in the small Eastern Oregon town of John Day from shortly after the Gold Rush into the 1950’s.

Unlike in other parts of the country where lynching and massacres of Chinese immigrants were the norm, these two men were respected members of the community and are still remembered fondly by John Day residents.

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After the fall of Saigon in April 1975, refugees from Vietnam awaited approval to move to the US and other countries. By 1979, almost 62,000 Vietnamese were in refugee camps, with over 140,000 people displaced from Cambodia and Laos. Portland, Oregon, was one of the medium-sized US cities that dealt with the relatively sudden influx of every major ethnic group from Southeast Asia. More than 25 former refugees were interviewed.

For more info go to Credits: Clark Salisbury, Anne Morrin, Sara Kolbet and Dmae Roberts. Music by Cambodian Musician Daran Kravahn.

Other Recent MediaRites Video Projects

Coming Home: The Return of the Alutiiq Masks is a one-hour radio documentary  by Dmae Roberts, two-time Peabody-winning producer, Clark Salisbury, Shyanne Beatty. It takes us to Kodiak, Alaska where Alutiiq peoples work to save their language, cultural traditions and heritage by unlocking the secrets of the masks collected by French explorer Alphonse Pinnart in 1872.  When he died in 1911, he bequeathed the masks to the Chateau Musee, a small museum off the coast of Northern France. There the collection survived two World Wars and were rediscovered by Alutiiq artists who began making pilgrimages to France in 2000 to see the artifacts of their culture. This led to an unprecedented sharing of history between two cultures, two different countries a world apart.

This short film was created by Clark Salisbury and Dmae Roberts.

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Mixing live action, animated visuals and historical and family archives, Mei Mei, A Daughter’s Song brings to life the original Peabody-award-wining 1989 radio documentary in a full visual and aural experience. The timeless story of a parent and child crossing the divide that separates them speaks to the human experience in all cultures. Find out more at

Dmae Roberts created the half-hour film documentary, Mei Mei, A Daughter’s Song, using the 1989 Peabody-winning audio documentary of the same name as the soundtrack. The radio documentary was the first Taiwanese-American radio documentary on public radio, and it was originally aired on NPR, BBC, CBC and ABC. “Mei Mei” tells the story of Dmae and her mother, Chu-Yin Roberts, as they travel to Taiwan together after a long absence. During their travels, Chu-Yin Roberts reveals the abuse she experienced after she was sold into servitude at the age of two and while she was growing up during World War Two. It soon becomes clear, the tensions Dmae and Chu-Yin experienced with each other came not only from the always-complicated mother/daughter relationship, but also from their being separated by differences of culture and language.

MediaRites Radio Projects

Crossing East: Relations

Crossing East: Relations is a one-hour documentary special produced by Dmae Roberts, executive producer of MediaRites’ Crossing East series with Robynn Takayama and Alan Montecillo. The documentary addresses AAPIs and the Model Minority Myth and the historic relationship between AAPIs and African Americans. As part of a 10th anniversary celebration of the Peabody-winning radio series […]

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Happy Holidays! Since 1991, I’ve run MediaRites, a 501(c) 3 nonprofit production organization based in Portland, Oregon, dedicated to telling the stories of diverse cultures and giving voice to the unheard through the arts, education and media projects. Currently, the Oregon Cultural Trust is doubling donations given to MediaRites until December 31, 2016. Make a […]

Crossing East Archive Project

More than 10 years ago, MediaRites debuted Crossing East, (Our Stories, Our History, Our America), the first and to date only Asian American/Pacific Islander history series on public radio. In 2016 we embarked on an exciting project to save more than 150 hours of oral history recordings gathered for this groundbreaking Peabody Award-winning radio series hosted by […]

Coming Home: Return of the Alutiiq Masks Project

By producer Dmae Roberts.  An Earthsongs special documentary with host Shyanne Beatty and associate producer Clark Salisbury. Coming Home is a one-hour NPR-news-friendly radio documentary that interweaves oral history interviews, Alutiiq music and soundscapes. 

1st Person: Stories of Loss, Hope & Peace (2001)

CLICK HERE TO PURCHASE THE CD When do you know to let go? And when do you remember? For the first anniversary of the tragedy of 9/11, MediaRites put together a  a collection of first person stories dealing with grief and loss. Hosted by Dmae Roberts, this CD collection has stories from some of the […]

Heart of Nature (2003)

CLICK HERE TO BUY THE CD Heart of Nature follows the lives of young people with disabilities exploring their world.

Legacies: Faith, Hope and Peace (1998)

Three one-hour radio documentaries produced by Dmae Roberts of MediaRites, and hosted by Oregon Symphony Conductor James DePreist. BROADCAST INFORMATION: The three programs were distributed in October 1998 via National Public Radio satellite. About 100 public radio stations across the country aired this three-part series of one-hour documentaries about what moves the human spirit to […]

Legacies: Tales from America (1994)

A series of 13 half-hour cross-cultural and cross-generational American stories that aired on more than 100 National Public Radio stations around the country. Hosted by Oregon Symphony conductor James DePreist and produced by Dmae Roberts of MediaRites. This series was funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting with additional funding from the National Endowment for the […]

The Story of Ing ‘Doc’ Hay

THE STORY OF ING ‘DOC’ HAY This program is also available for sale as a download .Click here for more information. MediaRites Productions presents “The Story of Ing “Doc” Hay” by Dmae Roberts. This one-hour documentary about the famed frontier herbalist of the Kam Wah Chung in John Day initially aired in May through August […]

Sorting Through Shadows (2002)

Streaming Audio Clips Sorting Through Shadows – Promo 1 Sorting Through Shadows – Promo 2 BOOK – $9.95  With more than 25 contributors from all over the country and world, Sorting Through Shadows: Youth Speak Out on Mental Health is a beautifully illustrated collection of personal stories from youth ages 13 to 23 from the […]

Growing Up, Growing Strong

Growing Up, Growing Strong, a one-hour special based on pieces presented on, features young women with strength and daring.

In The Mix

Listen to an excerpt featuring Phillip Blanchett, Robert Karimi and Phyllis Fast  Mixed Race is the fastest growing minority in America. The arts have opened up new ideas through colorblind casting, fusion in music, visual art, and literature. Just as each racial/ethnic group influences and changes artistic styles and movements, Mixed Race artists help to […]

The Breast Cancer Monologues (2002-2004)

This program is also available for sale as a download. Click here for more information. The Breast Cancer Monologues is a one-hour collage of women’s stories produced by Dmae Roberts and the Breast Cancer Radio Arts Project and intricately woven from interviews, readings and dramatizations about how breast cancer has affected the lives of women in […]

Crossing East (2005-2006)

Our Stories, Our History, Our America The first public radio series on Asian American history and winner of the George Foster Peabody Award in 2007. This series aired on 230 public radio stations around the country and was hosted by George Takei and Margaret Cho. To find out more about this series, visit