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“The -Ism Youth Files’ ‘ is a book and docuseries project about mental health and wellness, centering on BIPOC youth and youth with disabilities, led by executive producer Dmae Lo Roberts. MediaRites has selected 20 essays, poems and graphic novels included in a published e-book: “Speaking Our Truths.” The book is co-edited by Sandra de Helen and the docuseries is engineered by Clark Salisbury. The project’s mental health consultant is Eleanor Gil-Kashiwabara. MediaRites is an award-winning multimedia nonprofit in Portland, Oregon. 


This docuseries is a culmination of interviews from 20 youth artists and writers who submitted work and were chosen to be a part of “The -Ism Youth Files.” This docuseries series centers mental health and wellness for BIPOC youth and youth with disabilities and is produced by Executive Producer Dmae Lo Roberts. Youth describe the trials they have overcome, including a global pandemic, return to school and continuing struggles that have impacted their mental health and wellness and how they have overcome to flourish now.

Associate Producers are Amanda Anderson and Samson Syharath. Literary works editor is Sandra de Helen and the mental health consultant is Dr. Eleanor Gil-Kashiwabara. The episodes were mixed and mastered by Clark Salisbury.

Each episode features music by Tomo Singh in Boston, MA.

Youth hosts are Deandre Avant, Cara Chen, Janelle Theobald, Danica Leung and Mila Kashiwabara.
Docuseries is appropriate for ages 14 and up. A content warning begins each episode for listeners.


Five 29-minute episodes. SAMPLE EPISDOES

  1. “And That Happened…” – Mental wellness during the pandemic.
  2. “World On Fire”              – Social activism helping youth during and after lockdowns.
  3. “Added Challenges”        – A look at disability and the pandemic.
  4. “Surviving Trauma”    -Mental Health therapies that helped two young women in crisis.
  5. “A Mental Health Journey” – Strategies and therapies youth learned.


Two 59-minute shows.

  1. “The Pandemic And After”
  2. “Disability during the pandemic and Two stories of Surviving Trauma”

Stations can access audio file downloads from Creative PR

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Stations can offer these as resources for their members and families:

Speaking Our Truths: The -Ism Youth Files

Available in paperback and e-book on Amazon, this book is an anthology by youth ages 10-21 from BIPOC and disability communities sharing their personal stories. This new generation of young adults writes candidly about surviving loss, mental health challenges, and social tensions through an unprecedented milestone in their lives. Written by twenty youth authors, geared towards youth, this anthology weaves together different perspectives on mental health and wellness. All authors are from the BIPOC and disability communities, which were disproportionately affected by COVID-19, a generation forever changed by an unprecedented pandemic and whose voices have not really been heard, until now. Recommended for ages 13+.

–Ism Youth Files Toolkit

This toolkit contains resources designed for youth, educators of youth, and families to start a conversation about mental health and the various stigmas that come with it. It provides a multitude of resources for various mental health struggles, keeping in mind cultural facilitation and importance.


The –Ism Youth Files book and docuseries project received support from:

Ronni Lacroute
The Regional Arts And Culture Council
Oregon Community Foundation
The James F. and Marion L. Miller Foundation
The Oregon Arts Commission
The Collins Foundation
The Miller Foundation
Oregon Humanities
Western States Arts Federation
The City of Portland Arts Healing grant
And individual donors
Special thanks to our partner Oregon Children’s Theatre who co-created a Mental Health Toolkit for this project. Get a free download of the toolkit  or more info on the “Speaking Our Truths” book at