The Story of Ing ‘Doc’ Hay


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MediaRites Productions presents “The Story of Ing “Doc” Hay” by Dmae Roberts. This one-hour documentary about the famed frontier herbalist of the Kam Wah Chung in John Day initially aired in May through August on KOPB, KBOO, KLCC, and KUOW stations in the Northwest. (more…)

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Sorting Through Shadows (2002)

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With more than 25 contributors from all over the country and world, Sorting Through Shadows: Youth Speak Out on Mental Health is a beautifully illustrated collection of personal stories from youth ages 13 to 23 from the U.S, Canada, United Kingdom and Sweden. (more…)


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In The Mix

Listen to an excerpt featuring Phillip Blanchett, Robert Karimi and Phyllis Fast 

Mixed Race is the fastest growing minority in America. The arts have opened up new ideas through colorblind casting, fusion in music, visual art, and literature. Just as each racial/ethnic group influences and changes artistic styles and movements, Mixed Race artists help to create fusion and bridges cultural and traditional differences. (more…)

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The Breast Cancer Monologues (2002-2004)

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The Breast Cancer Monologues is a one-hour collage of women’s stories produced by Dmae Roberts and the Breast Cancer Radio Arts Project and intricately woven from interviews, readings and dramatizations about how breast cancer has affected the lives of women in America. (more…)

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