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Growing Up, Growing Strong

Growing Up, Growing Strong, a one-hour special based on pieces presented on, features young women with strength and daring.

Some of the stories include:

* Miracle On The Streets by Dmae Roberts
Miracle was thrown out of her family’s house by her father when he found her with another girl. On the streets, Miracle used prostitution and drug-selling to keep herself alive. In this piece, after several months of being ‘clean’ she introduces us to her world, her friends, and how she’s working to better her life.

* Girls Rock! by Dmae Roberts
Visit the Rock Camp For Girls – a summer camp with everything from music instruction and lyric writing to self-defense and self-promotion. Only girls allowed.

* Moe is Me by Melissa (Moe) Yukich
Moe is in junior high, in love, and gay. Hear what its like to come out at such a young age and how Moe’s decisions effect her friends and family.