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Sorting Through Shadows (2002)

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BOOK – $9.95 

With more than 25 contributors from all over the country and world, Sorting Through Shadows: Youth Speak Out on Mental Health is a beautifully illustrated collection of personal stories from youth ages 13 to 23 from the U.S, Canada, United Kingdom and Sweden.

The Sorting Through Shadows book also offers resources and helpful information for youth, families and schools about mental health topics and concerns. This book would be a great way to get youth to start talking and writing about mental health. Topics include depression, mental disorders, body image, and self-image.

Written by Dmae Roberts with Melinda Maginnis, MA, NCC.


CD – $8.95

Sorting Through Shadows is also a companion CD of four radio stories told in 1st Person by young people about anxiety disorder, bipolar disorder, substance abuse, schizophrenia and anger management will help families and communities begin discussions of mental illness without the stigma or prejudice often associated with the topic.

Hosted and produced by Dmae Roberts; Sorting Theme by Stephen Hoyt; Angela’s Theme by David Gilmore, Outright Radio; Engineered by Rob Perkins at Rex Recording and Video Post

Dmae Roberts worked with four young people during one year to tell their personal struggles with mental health problems. The youth wrote their stories and recorded them at home with their familes using a mindisc recorder and stereo microphone.

Listen as:
Jenn’s home becomes a prison for her panic disorder…
Angela grows up with bipolar rages and addiction…
Dorisa overcomes her inner voices through prayer…
Jeremy fights with anger and violence…

Sorting Through Shadows was a year-long book and radio project with youth personal stories on mental health funded by the Henry J. Kaiser Family Foundation, Hearing through the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the Regional Arts and Culture Council, and the National Endowment for the Arts.


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