Crossing East: Relations

Ellen Choy (right) Photo: Brooke Anderson Photography
Ellen Choy (right) Photo: Brooke Anderson Photography

Crossing East: Relations is a one-hour documentary special produced by Dmae Roberts, executive producer of MediaRites’ Crossing East series with Robynn Takayama and Alan Montecillo. The documentary addresses AAPIs and the Model Minority Myth and the historic relationship between AAPIs and African Americans. As part of a 10th anniversary celebration of the Peabody-winning radio series Crossing East, which aired on 230 public radio stations around the country we also gathered more than 200 hours of oral history recordings for the Crossing East Archive.

Featuring music by David Ornette Cherry.

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Crossing East Archive Project

More than 10 years ago, MediaRites debuted Crossing East, (Our Stories, Our History, Our America), the first and to date only Asian American/Pacific Islander history series on public radio.

In 2016 we embarked on an exciting project to save more than 150 hours of oral history recordings gathered for this groundbreaking Peabody Award-winning radio series hosted by George Takei and Margaret Cho.

We digitized all the interviews, transcripts and photos online for the public to use for educational purposes. This act of preservation is called the Crossing East Archive Project.

MediaRites was awarded funding from the Oregon Arts Commission, the Oregon Cultural Trust, the Regional Arts and Culture Council , the Multnomah County Cultural Coalition and the PGE Foundation and built the multimedia Crossing East archive. We created two projects to celebrate the 10th anniversary year. See the Archive at:


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1st Person: Stories of Loss, Hope & Peace (2001)


When do you know to let go?
And when do you remember?

For the first anniversary of the tragedy of 9/11, MediaRites put together a  a collection of first person stories dealing with grief and loss. Hosted by Dmae Roberts, this CD collection has stories from some of the finest independent producers and writers around the country. (more…)

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Legacies: Faith, Hope and Peace (1998)

jamesdepriestThree one-hour radio documentaries produced by Dmae Roberts of MediaRites, and hosted by Oregon Symphony Conductor James DePreist.

The three programs were distributed in October 1998 via National Public Radio satellite. About 100 public radio stations across the country aired this three-part series of one-hour documentaries about what moves the human spirit to create, to make sense of the world, to survive and to grow.Ê MediaRites is a non-profit multicultural arts producing organization based in Portland. (more…)

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Legacies: Tales from America (1994)

radio_legaciesA series of 13 half-hour cross-cultural and cross-generational American stories that aired on more than 100 National Public Radio stations around the country.

Hosted by Oregon Symphony conductor James DePreist and produced by Dmae Roberts of MediaRites.

This series was funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting with additional funding from the National Endowment for the Arts. (more…)

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