Lady Buddha (1997-2001)

By Dmae Roberts

Directed by Carmela Lanza-Weil

Dmae Roberts, Ping Khaw-Sutherland and Elaine Low presented a series of 40-minute readings from the stage play Lady Buddha at Multnomah County libraries during Asian Heritage month in May 2001.Those who enjoyed the MediaRites production in June 1997 at the Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center featuring stories of Kuan Yin, the Asian Goddess of compassion and mercy now have a chance to see the new version of the play. (more…)

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In The Mix

Listen to an excerpt featuring Phillip Blanchett, Robert Karimi and Phyllis Fast 

Mixed Race is the fastest growing minority in America. The arts have opened up new ideas through colorblind casting, fusion in music, visual art, and literature. Just as each racial/ethnic group influences and changes artistic styles and movements, Mixed Race artists help to create fusion and bridges cultural and traditional differences. (more…)

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The Breast Cancer Monologues (2002-2004)

This program is also available for sale as a download. Click here for more information.

The Breast Cancer Monologues is a one-hour collage of women’s stories produced by Dmae Roberts and the Breast Cancer Radio Arts Project and intricately woven from interviews, readings and dramatizations about how breast cancer has affected the lives of women in America. (more…)

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