Media Seminars and Consultation

MediaRites Productions presents New Media Training Seminars on digital and audio production. The seminars are taught at MediaRites’ office or Salisbury Studio to small groups of adults. The goal is to bridge the digital divide by providing low-cost media training opportunities with careful attention to individual interaction. For more information about our seminars and training opportunities, contact us at Mediarites @ seminars to launch you into the world of professional audio. (more…)

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About MediaRites

MediaRites Mission Statement MediaRites is a non-profit media arts organization dedicated to telling the stories of diverse cultures and giving voice to the unheard. Through our radio documentaries, new media…

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1st Person: Stories of Loss, Hope & Peace (2001)


When do you know to let go?
And when do you remember?

For the first anniversary of the tragedy of 9/11, MediaRites put together a  a collection of first person stories dealing with grief and loss. Hosted by Dmae Roberts, this CD collection has stories from some of the finest independent producers and writers around the country. (more…)

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Volcano Embrace (1999)

By Dmae Roberts

Directed by Carolyn Holzman

A collage play with movement, music and sound, Volcano Embrace was performed by Dmae Roberts, Elaine Low, Mary Jo AbiNader, Wendy Graybill, and Sharon McAllister under the direction and choreography of Carolyn Holzman at Dreams Well Studio, November, 1999.

Hawaiian music was by Sam Kama, original music by Stephen Hoyt, lighting design by Sharon McAllister and set design by Jeri Swatosh. (more…)

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Theatre Diaspora

Theatre Diaspora is a project that created the first Asian American/Pacific Islander theatre in Portland by producing an on-going series of  staged readings with movement. The project is committed to celebrating and creatively advocating for the AAPI experience through stage work.  These stories are an under-represented and misunderstood part of the American historical and cultural narrative. (more…)

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Tongue of a Bird (2000)

By Ellen McLaughlin

Directed by Carmela Lanza-Weil

This multi-ethnic production revolves around the character of Maxine (Sherry Okamura), a search and rescue pilot hired by Dessa (Ithica Tell), a mother whose twelve-year-old daughter, Charlotte (Angela Rollins), has been abducted. Maxine’s search for the girl parallels her search for her own mother, Evie, (Julie Cowden) appearing as a ghostly Amelia Earhart figure throughout. Maxine must also care for her elder Grandmother (Trish Egan) while searching for the lost girl. (more…)

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The Time Between (2001-2002)

Written by Sharon Whitney, Ellen West, Cindy McGean, Vicente Guzman-Orozco and Dmae Roberts

Directed by Carmela Lanza-Weil

time_chisao Lanza-Weil gathered some of the best talent in Portland to collaborate on this original collage play with Playwrights Sharon Whitney, Ellen West, Cindy McGean, Vicente Guzman-Orozco and Dmae Roberts. This team of commissioned writers created a play based on material gathered from a series of workshops at the Dougy Center and Grief Watch about the theme “What Hurts, What Helps” in overcoming loss and grief. (more…)

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