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Volcano Embrace (1999)

By Dmae Roberts

Directed by Carolyn Holzman

A collage play with movement, music and sound, Volcano Embrace was performed by Dmae Roberts, Elaine Low, Mary Jo AbiNader, Wendy Graybill, and Sharon McAllister under the direction and choreography of Carolyn Holzman at Dreams Well Studio, November, 1999.

Hawaiian music was by Sam Kama, original music by Stephen Hoyt, lighting design by Sharon McAllister and set design by Jeri Swatosh.

Volcano Embrace explored geology, mythology and the survival of the human spirit amid violence and tragedy, as symbolized by volcano stories from around the world. Roberts researched volcano stories for a year and wrote in collaboration with performers and designers to create an original non-linear theatre piece as a celebration of humanity for her last piece of the millennium. The play begins in Hawaii with the stories of Pele, the fire goddess, then moves to the earthquake in Turkey, the last night of Pompeii based on writings from Pliny the Younger in 79 A.D., Mount St. Helens and finally St. Agatha’s feast day near Mount Etna, Sicily.