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Legacies: Tales from America (1994)

radio_legaciesA series of 13 half-hour cross-cultural and cross-generational American stories that aired on more than 100 National Public Radio stations around the country.

Hosted by Oregon Symphony conductor James DePreist and produced by Dmae Roberts of MediaRites.

This series was funded by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting with additional funding from the National Endowment for the Arts.

  1. store_meimeiMEI MEI: A DAUGHTER’S SONG, Dmae Roberts Peabody-award-winning and pioneering docu-play about her relationship with her Chinese mother who survived war, poverty and cultural isolation.
  2. DON’T TAKE THE COLORS APART, a profile of Velina Hasu Houston, a playwright who is Japanese, African-American and Native American and who has seen racism from many angles.
  3. OUR FATHERS WHO AREN’T IN HEAVEN, Producer Michael Johnson chronicles his distant relationship with his father, a prize-winnig African American photographer who documented the civil rights movement in pictures.
  4. BECAUSE OF YOU I LEARNED TO LOVE, Producer Nora Moreno re-creates the courtship of her Mexican father, a Spanish broadcaster in Chicago, and her Puerto Rican mother.
  5. A MEDITATION ON RACE, Producer Steve Rowland is a dark-skined Jewish man who is married to an African-American and the father of multi-racial children. He is often taken for an African-American. He turns the microphone on himself and and his family for this audio meditation on identity.
  6. THE INDIAN GIVER, Writer Ifa Bayeza explores African American and Native American links through this humourous and poignant tale of her childhood during the early years of integration.
  7. ANGELS AND DEMONS, PART ONE, Producer Dmae Roberts offers this experimental docu-play that weaves interviews and scenes to examine the complexities of domestic violence and cycles of abuse in modern relationships.
  8. ANGELS AND DEMONS, PART TWO, the docu-play continues…
  9. NI NICA, NI GRINGA, American Producer Sylvia Mullally Aguirre takes a journey back to Nicaragua to study the schism of having two cultures that are often at odds.
  10. THE KALEVALA, Producer Alex Van Oss gives us his personal insight into the complex tales that make up this Finnish epic book.
  11. PROMOTORAS, A profile of the work of Latina elders who volunteer their time aiding migrant worker elders who suffer from the effects of field labor, pesticide poisoning and homelessness.
  12. UNA DONNA, Producers Jane Wagner and Tina DiFeliciantonio tell a family story of shame and denial, focusing on the effects of the silences surrounding a wartime gang rape of a poor Italian immigrant.
  13. WEATHERING HEIGHTS, Producer Dmae Roberts ends the series with a tongue-in-cheek look at an Amerasian’s survival through art during the 60’s and 70’s amid Star Trek, Kung Fu and Emily Bronte.