You are currently viewing Red (October 26, 2014)

Red (October 26, 2014)

By Chay Yew

Directed by Samson Syharath

Choreographed by Minh Tran

Featuring Kat Templeton, Sumi Wu, and Wynee Hu

In Collaboration with Portland Center Stage

Sonja Wong Pickford, a bestselling ethnic romance writer suffering from creative malaise, travels to Shanghai to seek inspiration. In an old theater, she meets HuaWaiMun, a star performer of Chinese opera, and Ling, a teenaged Red Guard, who are caught up in the Cultural Revolution. While Sonja investigates to uncover the truth about them, all three become embroiled in clashes over artistic purpose, political power, and changing values. As the conflicts play out, decisions made from good intentions produce unexpected, far-reaching consequences.

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