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MediaRites Presents… Being Me In The Current America

Shareen Jacobs in Being Me In The Current America
A Black middle-class woman recounts experiences of racial profiling in Lake Oswego, Oregon during a time of Black Lives Matter Protests in 2020.

Being Me In The Current America written by Josie Seid was originally a monologue written for Here On This Bridge: The –Ism Project produced by MediaRites.

MediaRites has been adapting and transforming the monologues from The -Ism Project into short films. Two were filmed with a crew of four, social distancing at Shaking the Tree Studios, which graciously donated their space to us. Another was self-filmed by the actress, her husband and daughter. Check out The Diversity Thing and Ruega Por Mi.

Being Me In The Current America

Written by Josie Seid
Performed by Shareen Jacobs
Music by David Ornette Cherry
Director/Producer: Dmae Roberts
Associate Producer: Samson Syharath
Cinematography: Grant Abbett
Sound Design: Clark Salisbury
Film Editor: Grant Abbett

Being Me In The Current America written by Josie Seid was originally a monologue written for Here On This Bridge: The –Ism Project produced by MediaRites.

Josie Seid (writer) is a resident artist with Artists Repertory Theater and member of the LineStorm Play Writes Collective. Her play Petite Damesn nominated for the 2015 Kilroy list was workshopped at Lewis and Clark’s Ray Warren Symposium on Race and Revolutionary Struggle. Other works include: Path of Glory, The Great God of the Dark Storm Cloud, Jordan’s Wisdom, Overdue, Stand by Me, and This is Message Number 13. Her short play, A Wing and a Prayer was recently featured in the nationwide Play At Home project. Her recent film, Forget Me Not, America, was in association with the ART Mercury company.

Shareen Jacobs (she/her) (actor) is a local actress who has had the great fortune to work with some of the most amazing people Portland has to offer. She originated the role in this film in Here On This Bridge: The –Ism Project produced by MediaRites. Other productions have included Bootycandy (Fuse Theatre Ensemble), The Left Hook and SOUL’D (Vanport Mosaic)

David Ornette Cherry, (Pianist/composer) son of legendary jazz trumpeter Don Cherry, salutes his father’s works along with his own new works. The award-winning Cherry grew up in Watts, and his music is an artful combination of jazz, classical, African, and world music. His noted collaborations include Don Cherry, Ed Blackwell, Charlie Haden, Billy Higgins, Dewey Redman, Phil Ranelin, and Justo Almario, Thara Memory, Glenn Moore, Carlton Jackson, Kamau Daaood, and the Watts Prophet. David was born the same year Ornette Coleman and Don Cherry recorded their first album. More at

On the panel with Josie Seid and Shareen Jacobs are:

Shelley B Shelley (moderator),  MediaRites board member. She performed the role of Vonnie Harris in “The Diversity Thing” in the stage productions and touring production of Here On This Bridge: The Ism Project.” (link to “Div Thing” full video)

Bruce Poinsette of Respond To Racism LO, a neighborhood effort to interrupt racism in Lake Oswego, Oregon. Bruce is a writer, educator and community organizer. He hosts “The Blacktastic Adventure: A Virtual Exploration of Oregon’s Black Diaspora” and the “Bruce Poinsette Podcast.” More at

Bernette Jenkins-Pleas – has lived in Lake Oswego for nearly ten years. She’s Communications co-Chair LO for LOve.   Founded in 2016, LO for Love’s mission is to foster a community in Lake Oswego that stands up against bigotry and intolerance and that welcomes and embraces the diversity of all people.

Being Me In The Current America is a MediaRites production of The –Ism Project.
Special thanks to…
Samantha Van de Merwe of Shaking The Tree Theatre for location support and for her original artwork.

MediaRites’ The –Ism Project received COVID-relief support from the Regional Arts And Culture Council, the Oregon Cultural Trust, The Collins Foundation, the Oregon Community Foundation, Oregon Humanities and Oregon Arts Commission with additional funding by The Emily Georges Gottfried Fund of the Oregon Jewish Community Foundation and the Isabella Chappell Award in support of Theatre from the Portland Civic Theatre Guild.