A Mental Health Journey: The –Ism Youth Files

Speaking Our Truths: The –Ism Youth Files Podcast

“It will be something we look back on and whether there’s another pandemic or there’s just some event that needs to be overcome, it would be a good way to recalibrate and say, ‘We’ve done this before. We are capable of overcoming it and moving forward.’” – Kaitlyn O’Neill quoted in this episode hosted by Mila Kashiwabara

Our youngest writer Mila Kashiwabara, hosts the final podcast episode. We bring together youth writers who speak honestly about the meaning of mental wellness, what gives them comfort, what they’ve learned from the pandemic milestone and how they are still working to achieve healthy lives.

Hosted by Mila Kashiwabara and featuring:

Genevieve Arce
Deandre Avant
Ellenore Celko
Cara Chen
Danica Leung
Erik Nielson
Kaitlyn O’Neill
Freya Sticka