Archive: January 1, 2015

Binnsmead Middle School Programs (1997-2001)

Hope: The Youth Radio / Literacy Project 
In ’97-’98, MediaRites taught residencies to 40 of the 8th grade English as a Second Language students at Binnsmead. The students represented 17 different countries and nationalities and this project provided the only arts program at their school.

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Restorative Justice Project (2004)

MediaRites presented arts outreach in partnership with SAFES, Survivors for An Effective System and Act For Action, to 40 survivors of crime and violence. We spent nearly six months planning the workshops and the outreach to SAFES members with Arwen Bird of SAFES and Jeannie LaFrance of Act for Action.We offered these workshops to survivors: people whose lives have been drastically affected by violence and/or crime. Some survive individual violence (such as surviving incest, assault, burglary or rape), others institutional violence (such as police brutality, internment or slavery).

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